When coming to meet with one of our Funeral Directors, here is a checklist

to ensure you have the information required to get things started.

  • Photo Identification of Person making arrangements.

  • Name of Deceased and their address at time of death

  • Date of Birth and Date of Death
  • Place of Birth and Place of Death

  • If the deceased was born overseas, when the deceased first arrived in Canada

  • Nationality of the deceased

  • Whether or not the deceased was of Aboriginal origin

  • Marital Status and Marriage Details

  • Details and correct for deceased’s spouse, parents and children including              any maiden names.

  • Copy of the Will of the deceased.

  • Cause of Death

  • Duration of last illness

  • Certifying Medical Attendant

  • Date the deceased was last seen by a medical attendant

  • Occupation during working life

  • Date and place of Burial or Cremation


Should you have any questions, please call 780-454-7878

or email us.